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shieko1209's Journal

Teeny Beany
9 December
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* Hiee * My name is Brittney and I am 15 years old and I live in a lil ghetto city called Hamtramck it's in Michigan. I just turned 15 on Demember 9th WOO HOO! Here's a lil more about me

I am currently single and looking.. I got my eye on someone special.. I'm so envious of my 2 Best Friends Sarah and Monika because they are both so deeply in love.. I'm the loser of the bunch.. haha :P

In my spare time I like to play Volleyball and Softball.. * Hell Yea number 7 * I also like to skate, listen ta music, see some movies, go ta the clubs * I LOVE to dance, Britney Spears " I'm a slave for you" is like my life song , and go bowling!

I wanna give some extra special shoutouts to * Angie, Meagan, Sarah, Monika, Elise, Pina, Sarah, Roger, Jenny, Chris, Brad, Bryan, Jon, All my Loser friends like Vince, Paul, Don, and Danny, All of my people up at HHS, Regina and Notre Dame, and to all my LJ buddies

I am about 5'6 and 140 pounds * I am very atheletic but I got me a GHETTO BOOTIE! * I have strawberry blonde hair and greenish eyes.

I LOVE to make new friends so add me and I'll add ya back!

<3 love
* Brittney *
112, 6 pax, abercrombie, acting, aeropostale, alternative music, american eagle, aol, bbq chips, bein on the net, belts, bet, bigbootyhoe, black, black nail polish, blink182, blue, blue eyes, booty bopping, boredom, boy sets fire, boys, braclettes, bradley, bright colors, bring it on, britney spears, candy, cats, chains, chaos, chatting, cheerleading, cheeta prints, chicken nuggets, chickies, chilling, chokers, christina aguliera, claire danes, claires, clubbin, clubs, colorful things, colors of the rainbow, cookies, cool beans, cougars, cute barbie's, dances, dancing, deb, disney, disturbed, dorks, dr pepper, eeyore, eyeshadow, french fries, french onion dip, friends, fun, gel pens, ghetto, girly stuff, glitter, glittery stuff, glow stix, goin ta parties, going shopping, good charlotte, gothic music, granola bars, groupies, gurlz, guys, guyz, hanging, haunted houses, hello kitty, high voltage, hippies, hoe town, hoez, hottiez, hugs, ja rule, jessica simpson, jewelery, jimmy eat world, justin timberlake, kissez, lance bass, lancers, laughing, linkin park, lip gloss, love, mall, mandy moore, mashed potatoes, meagan, mini skirts, monika, mountain dew, movies, mtv, music, nelly, nerds, nintendo, nsync, o town, oatmeal, partiez, phil, pink, port bar, princesses, punkers, puppiez, real world, road rules, rollar coasters, salsa, sarah, sears, sfh, shopping, silents, singing, skating, sparkelz, spencers, sponge bob, stars, stickers, stuffed animals, sum 41, sunsets, talkin on the phone, teen magazine, tigger, toe sox, volleyball, waah, wet seal, ym, zebra prints