Teeny Beany (shieko1209) wrote,
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Talk About Bad Day!

Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Tody was the worst day EVER! Ok first of all mym lil brother wakes me up at 8:30 am! Ok yea them my mom calls and tells me to look for his medication... So I am up for 30 minuutes looking for his pils and I STILL dont find them! I went back to sleep... A half hour later my mom calls and sees if i found then and i tel her no and she gets all pissy... Then I finally wake up you know... yea and its all good.. then myy brother blows his nose into a piece of paper and starts to act like hes gonna put it n me... i get pissed and go in the bathroom hes banging on the door and i opened it and put the plunger on him and it had icky toilet water in it... he got so0o0o mad! and then i ran into my room and he was pushing my door open so i took theclosest thing to me which was lotion and opened my door and sprayed it at him.. he got mad ad then i ran into the bathroom again... i opened the door and he sprayed cover up all over me... g2g but ill contiue later
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ewwww...haha hope ur day is better now