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bad day

ugh omg today was like the worst day i swear! today was the day that we put on our history calss medieval festival.. i had my costume and it was kinda cute.. it was red black and gold... kinda gard to describe... but i was a dancer with monika sarah shpresa vera and ariana... we had 2 dances and they both were good... but yeah back to why my day was bad.. rogers class came duting 2nd or 3rd hour and whatever... and we were talkin and whatever and i went to go talk to sarah and she was like "you need to chill out with roger" and i was like "what are u talking baout" and she explained that monika was getting upset and i kinda looked at roger and gave him a "wtf" kinda look... and then when me and sarah were done talking.. roger came up to me and i pulled him over to the staris and i sat down and was talking to him and whatever... and then i heard monika dna i was like i dont want her to think anythings happening.. but i told him what sarah told me and he was like well what do u wanna do!? and i was like i dunno! and i was like cryin a lil and whatever... and then i came back out from talking to him and sarah came up to me and was like "did you kiss roger?!?!?!?!" and i was like "WHAAATTTT?!?!?!" she was like "did u kiss roger???" i was like "NOOO?!?!?!?!?!!" and she was like "well thats what everyone is saying" and i went back to where me and roger were sitting (well where i was sitting and roger was standing 4 stairs away from me) and i started balling and roger came back and told me to stop crying and then sarah shpresa and monika.. i was like to monika" i did not kiss roger" like about 5 times i sed that.. and i hate when people say shit like that ebcause they are some damn jealous haters or something... then monika was like "when i heard her say....." and i cut her off and was like "who tf sed it?!?!" she told me the new junior jennifer.. i was about to fuckin beat the shit outta someone... i was just stressed out... and then like it was lunch time and i was okay.. i went to the cafeteria to tell roger i heard who it was and he already knew... my sister sed she was gonna fuck her up and whatever... so about 6th hour me and roger talked again and we agreed to keep away from each other for a while... and we walked home and we didnt even talkn about any of it... i came back to kathleens and went online checked my mail and didnt really talk to anyone.. went back home slept and then came back to kathleens... monika imed me and told me that roger told her that he really really liked me and that she knew that i liked roger and that if roger made me happy and if i made roger happy she would be ok with it.. so me and roger i think are gonna talk and take things slow and see what happens.. i dunno im unsure i love monika to death and i dont want this to ruin our friendship in ANY way! but i dunno u kno.... HELP please!! comment and gimmie advice!
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