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I missed you guyz!

Hey everyone!! I havent updayed in forever!! I feel like a horrible person but I have a good excuse.. Ya know how my boiler broke like 2 weeks ago? Yeah its still broken! So I have had all these space heaters in my house going and I dont wanna like blow any fuses in my house lmao my house is GHETTO!! But yeah... Nothing new has happened really... Volleyball is 8-0 we are undefeated STILL!! WHOOP WHOOP lmao Monica... But other than that nothing big has happened... I am going skating tonite I was supposed to go to Johns house tonite with Monika but we figured we better not.. So I am going with her and Pina skating.. I am so bored... WE have no practice today so i have been just sittin here.. lol.. Curtis gave me his sweater!! ahh!! lolz... I was sitting on Kathleens porch the other day with Jenny and I was outside in my Volley uniform and its cut off sleeves.. And I went up to his car and was talking to him and shivering and shit so he gave me his sweater! yay!! lmao... It smells so0o good! I sleep with it every nite.. lolz... Well i have to do osme stuff so I'm out lyl! xoxo Brittney
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