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I'm not a girl!

Hey there guys.. I think this year is going to be the WORST ever!! Ok first of all I never finished my last post but who cares.. That night which was Wednesday I think... Yea I went to practice that day and whatever... The next day was cool.. WE had a game at Cardinal Mooney and that was in Marine City talk about long ass bus ride! But we won! whoop whoop.. lmao Monica.. But yea back to Wednesday... I cane home from practice and I was chillin on the puter and I was really cold and I'm like WTF mom did u fill the water today... And she was like yea but the pilot light flickered on then off and I just figured somthing happened whatever i dont remember what she sed... And so my dad goes down there and he says that my mom overfilled the boiler.. And I'm like ohhhh man this cant be good... So my dads doin whatever to try and fix it and he breaks a pipe! Ok yea arent we a lucky bunch of people... So the boiler was broke... We were sleeping in 40 degree weather! I mean less than that!! WAY less... So we have been without heat since Wednesday... Thursday I stayed at Sarahs house and we had so0o much fun! Oh man I havent laughed that much in forever!! Then Friday I had to babysit but before I babysat Me Sarah Steven and Monika went to Maine Street.. Then from there I picked up Cam.. Then from Cams went to Sarahs to get my stuff.. And yea whatever... Went to the Varsity boys Basketball game.. WE lost by ONE point!! ONE!! ahh.. Donald dies his hair back blonde lol.. I'm like what are u thinking buddy!? But its not that bad... Stayed the night at my grandmas that night.. Came home today and cleaned my house so the heater guy could come and what does he tell us!? WE NEED A NEW BOILER!! there goes 4,000 bucks! My mom treated me and my sister to maine street because we cleaned her house and now I am here babysitting and waiting to go home because I am so0o tired... I figured I'd fill u in on the past few horrible unbearable days.. well im out ttyl lyl!! xoxo brittney
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